Our first two years in Israel

Yesterday we celebrated two years.
Our soldiers are in the army, the other 2 are on vacation.

Today, more than ever, we are happy about the decision we made three years ago that led us to leave that beautiful land that consecrates beauty and aesthetics. So how can you leave something so good? Well, only when there is something better.

Even if Israel needs aesthetic improvement, striving for perfection and courtesy we are at home. The sense of belonging is worth everything. True love is when you know the drawbacks of those you love and you still love them regardless. No one is perfect.

I'm not talking about last month (I will do later…). Last month was an exceptional experience even for Israelis who have lived here all their lives.

In the last two years we managed loads: Two soldiers, one degree, two driving licenses, 1 matriculation, at least 50 new friends, moving house twice, countless jobs, studying Hebrew of which I can add: writing error-free text, using new words, speaking military slang and talking between us in Hebrew(which happens a lot now).

We went back to Italy on a visit excitedly. We met family and friends we left, smelled all the smells we remembered, tasted the tastes we were so used to, and wore the clothes we had left behind. We all came back to Israel knowing we did the right thing. We love Italy but we love Israel more.

Two months after we made Aliyà, Israel went into military operation ‘Pillar of Defense’. That was our mini experience to what we are going through now. It’s interesting that I have been in the country for almost all of the Israeli wars. The second Lebanon war took place in August 2006 when we were on holiday in Israel and even during Gaza war on 2008-2009.

This time it was different. Our children were not in Gaza, but it does not matter. When you are a parent of a child of army age your point of view changes. You feel the pain of the fallen and injured soldiers as if they were your own flesh and blood. We lived the painful reality with lots of concern and tension, and through social networking we have seen the frustration, fear and injustice our friends abroad shared.

During this period I did not like Italy. I've seen the ugly anti-Semitism there rearing its ugly head. Tendentious articles, with mass demonstrations, passionate anti-Semitic comments on statuses and addresses of hatred on walls scare me and I was glad I was here and not there. This is my place. Europe and the world will wake up some day. I just hope it won’t be too late.

Meanwhile here I have seen Israelis act as only they know to behave when they are threatened with death; Giving and helping each other, especially to the soldiers which is something that can be seen only in Israel, but what excites me the most is the young generation I’m so proud of. Young men and women who defend us were covered in love. We were afraid of this generation, from their drinking habits, the internet and the new lifestyle that the 21st century brought with it. But no, We have great kids who know how to think and understand right from wrong and if someone will disagree and tell me that they are just soldiers in the army and they obey orders I still think they are the best. Our future here is promising, I'm sure.

אודות Israelit be Italia

השנה החלטנו לחזור לישראל. חייתי באיטליה 27 שנים מלאי חוויות ולכן החלטתי לפתוח את הבלוג שלי, כדי לשמר את הזכרונות. החלטתי לכתוב אסוציאטיבית. ברור שלא אוכל לזכור כרונולוגית דברים אותם אני רוצה לספר. גם העובדה שהחלטנו לחזור ארצה נותת לי נקודת מבט חדשה על הכל. דברים שפעם אהבתי או לא אהבתי נראים אחרת בפרספקטיבה של ״ עוד מעט נגמר״.
פוסט זה פורסם בקטגוריה איטליה, ישראלים בחו'ל, מילאנו. אפשר להגיע ישירות לפוסט זה עם קישור ישיר.

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